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A Plea for Civility

A pastor known to the blogosphere as “Singing Owl” is increasingly disturbed by the tone of Christian discourse. In fact, she calls it what it is: “sniping at one another.”
A friend of mine in Indiana had a Pentecostal minister grandmother who used to talk about taking her congregation “to the woodshed” when there was a […]

Reading the Church Fathers

Phil at hyperekperissou has a nice article about Protestants reading the early church fathers. The article grows out of an attitude that I also sometimes encounter: Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christians of a certain bent seem offended that a Protestant would show any interest in the fathers, or accuse us of cherry-picking the bits we […]

Polarization can lead to what I call the “pointed-stick syndrome.” A pointed-stick conversation includes jabs and stabs at those who disagree — put-downs that make it clear that disagreement is not only unwelcome, but exposes ignorance or stupidity. Christians on the “left” and the “right” can fall victim to the “pointed-stick syndrome”.